Ceiling recess down lights

We specialise in providing recess down light fittings that are almost invisible on your ceiling, from plaster-in ceiling recess lighting, to discreet fixed and adjustable recess down lights, all with the option of halogen or LED lamps including control gear specifically matched to each design, all in our Pure White finish.



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Lighting control - Lutron Homeworks, Crestron, Rako Controls & Forbes & Lomax


We specify the most appropriate type of lighting control from conventional rotary dimming plates to centralised lighting control systems based on what suits best our clients requirements and the project specifications - a massive advance has been the development of IPAD, IPHONE & Android APPS that allow our clients to make thier own changes to lighting scenes, after the intial set-up, without the need for any on site technical programming - so changes can literaaly be made at the touch of a button with complete room lighting schemes changed and saved as required.

Spot Lights.


Finely designed Spot Lights designed to highlight, spot light, flood light areas, objects, pictures, all with glare guard options, tilt, rotation, discreet ceiling or wall connection points.

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Wall Lights


Modern, decorative or period wall lights provide a further layer of light in a room, are especially useful in bathrooms, passge ways, stairwells and bedrooms. Some of the wall light designs available are works of art in their own right while others are complete simplicity in their design but still create great lighting features.

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Floor recess up lights & Step lights.


Another great benefit to the development of LED light fittings is the low almost zero heat generated at the face of the light ( heat is still generated at the rear of the fitting but only a fraction of a halogen type, so for floors, steps, low level wall floor wash fitings LED as become a good solution - all the designs are finely engineered with detail in their design, the light sources are regressed to avoid glare.

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Cove & Coffer & Shelf lighting.


Internally illuminated edge Cove or Coffered ceiling boxes using seamless lighting systems, with full diming control create an interesting architectural detail and provide an excellent source of soft indirect light within rooms. Using Fluorescent or LED systems with the appropriate control gear a great effect can be achieved.




Garden & Exterior Lighting.


Robust but finely designed garden & enterior lighting, all available with energy efficient lamps providing low maintanance and low operating costs, designed to light garden paths, lighting trees, garden objects, exterior facades, step & level changes & entrances

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